Sunday, December 7, 2008

Keeping Warm

It was snowing pretty good this morning and the wind was very strong causing the snow to blow and drift on the roads. Randy had to go out in this nasty weather to play basketball, he is on a league in Massena. While Randy was gone I got stuff done around the house and I did manage to get some reading in that I haven't had a chance to with the busy week that I had. Randy did go out hunting when he got home but didn't have any luck. Maybe next year will be his year, I sure know he hopes so. I guess from the busy day that he had he was all tuckered out. I was able to snap this picture while he was resting his eyes for alittle bit.

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HoneyB said...

ha, looks like he kept his wool socks on. it was TOO cold to be in the woods but even Grumpy was there this last weekend. No luck here either and it is the first year he hasn't gotten a deer in all the years we have been together! Looks like we'll be buying beef before next year!