Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Birthday And No Apples

Yesterday was my husband Randy's 34th birthday. We spent the day just having a lazy day, well except for when we decided to go apple picking. That didn't turn out quite like we would have hoped. We wanted to pick some apples so I could make apple crisp, we only found one tree and were able to pick about four apples and that was it. We went driving around to see if we could find more apple trees but no such luck. I guess instead of driving around to find some apple trees we could have just picked the apples from our tree out back in our yard. But, that would have been a problem too, the apples on our tree out back didn't turn out very well and are very small. Even though we didn't have any success in the apple picking department we did have a great day. Randy had a wonderful birthday and had the cake of his choice, which is an ice cream cake. I was given the idea from my sister that I should have made an ice cream cake instead of buying one from the store. I am going to keep that in mind and when the occasion arises I will make one.

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