Monday, August 3, 2009

Cleo and Buster

Today turned out to be a rather busy day with errands to run and I wasn't able to get any cooking done. I have been wanting to share some pictures of my cats Cleo and Buster and since there was no food post today, this was as great a day as any for that.

This is Cleo deciding if she wanted to attack her tail. She doesn't need any toys, she always mangaes to keep herself entertained somehow.

Buster always likes to sit right close to me when I am watching TV or doing something on the computer.
Cleo posing for the camera, she kept pushing her face up to the camera. Perfect chance for a great photo.
Buster not paying any attention that Cleo is trying to get his tail.


Linda said...

How sweet your kitties are! They are the perfect little furry pals, aren't they? I love my Cassie so much and she is spoiled to no end by me and my husband. You little babes are ADORABLE!

HoneyB said...

LOL, love the close ups!